Mat & Ash Photography was dreamed up and created from two best friends, from two completely different places in the U.S. who met each other at Hallmark Institute of Photography in 2007. Traveling the world (or sadly, just North America) with our co-pilot Daisy, until we found our home in Vacationland! To the great state of Maine we went!

We have applied a very modern, photojournalistic approach to our weddings and lifestyle clients. We've harnessed natural light to deliver some of the most ethereal, whimsical, and eclectic imagery we've ever had the pleasure of creating for such wonderful people in the world. <3

In November of 2014, Mat & Ash Photography changed forever. An insufferable loss, after the unexpected passing of the most dazzling soul mate anyone has ever met, Ashley Thomas.

One of the things I have found in myself through Ashley is strength. I will be forever lost without her, but I know that she will be with me, everyday, every shutter clicked, every conversation had, every smile I see at a wedding ceremony, a reception, an event, a maternity session, a senior, a child, that spark in their eye, that sunshine in their smile… I will know she is there and that will only motivate me to do what we dreamed of creating together, and I will forever have the dignity, and the confidence to continue our business in celebration of Ashley.  

From a tragedy, emerges a new energy and vision. One filled with light, and love. I can't wait to continue sharing with you, what Ashley, and I have always vowed to deliver to our clients.